High Performance Work. Customer Focused Results.

Our Promise
Safely produce quality products for our customers by providing our highly skilled staff with unmatched tools, technology, and training.
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Corrugated products are used in nearly all facets of our lives. The package left on your doorstep, the strong container holding watermelons at the supermarket, and the display holding medicine at your local pharmacy would not be possible without it. Heartland Sheets is where it all begins by transforming rolls of paper into high quality corrugated sheets that are needed to make the boxes, containers, displays, and other corrugated products we rely on everyday.

About Us

By the numbers

Setting the standard

We have consistently achieved praise for our products since we began operations. That consistency has allowed us to continue to grow and provide opportunities within our local community.
110 in
corrugator width
392 ft
BHS Corrugator
1100 ft
in-line printing capabilities per minute
1200 ft
printed liner capabilities per minute
132 m
lineal feet per day
Our values

People driven. Quality Assured.


A culture based on low risk behavior creates a strong foundation for a safe environment.


Having the courage to always do what is right is the foundation to our culture.

Customer Focused

We value our customers needs, and we deliver on those needs. People are the most important... always.

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