About Us

Nearly all consumer goods are packaged, stored, or delivered with it, and at Heartland Sheets, we are proud to be the heartland’s premier producer of high quality corrugated sheets.

Corrugated sheets truly make the world’s economy tick. Every box that is delivered to your doorstep or office is made from a corrugated sheet. Nearly all products would not be able to be safely shipped to stores, business, or your home without it. Corrugated sheets are used to make much more than just boxes. They are also routinely used to create product displays, such as the displays for a new novel near the checkout at your favorite grocery store. Heartland Sheets manufactures over 26 tons of corrugated sheets every hour so that packaging and display products can be made. The people of Heartland Sheets are truly it’s heart beat.  An extraordinary group of hard working people that truly care about one another, and the best tools and technology form a combination that drives our success and the success of our customers.

Quality Innovation

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering the highest quality corrugated sheets fast for our customers throughout the midwest. By keeping quality and high standards built into our manufacturing process, we can be assured that our sheets will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Whether you need singlewall or doublewall sheets, or require innovatiove solutions with ColorCorr®, Heartland Sheets is here to serve!