When a “brown box” just won’t do, our in-line full-coverage color printing may be the solution. ColorCorr® focuses on Coloration through innovation.

ColorCorr® is a trademarked solution by integrating innovative printing technologies directly in-line with our 110” BHS corrugator. Features include:

  • Print area – Up to 108-1/2” wide using 110” stock. Other paper widths available. Maximum length is 177”.
  • Available substrates – In-line driers allow us to print on clay-coated liners as well as white top. Metsa Pro and Metsa Ultra are stocked as well as a limited supply of 33# Bleach White.
  • Minimum run size of 20msf – Process improvements have reduced our minimum order requirement from almost 70msf to 20msf. This has allowed more sheet plants to outsource blanket print jobs to ColorCorr®.
  • Continual repeat print – Our “flexo in the round” printing system allows us to print continual patterns without a seam that is usually the challenge with other flexo-printing systems that use printing plates instead of engraved rubber rolls.
  • In-line cut to mark printing(41 to 58” cylinder repeat).
  • Custom color matching – We have an on-site color lab that has matched almost 700 custom colors. Our target is 1.5 delta E and hold within 2 dE. We can match your sample or provide a book match formula for your approval.
  • Lead time – Once we have an approved color formula, standard lead time is about one week.
  • Printing over score lines – Since we print the DB liner before it is married to the SF web, “picture framing” is not required. We often print the base color with our customers printing on top of our print.
  • Lack of print crush – ColorCorr® has reduced the number of passes when converting printed sheets. This can improve box strength and can reduce the need for heavier grades on full-coverage boxes.
  • Single bump and double bump print – Most of our print is double-bump printing which virtually eliminates “hickies” or print defects by applying the same color ink from both printing stations. Single-bump is often utilized to reduce cost a bit and also to allow for better overprint.
  • Functional coatings – We stock an entry-level moisture and grease barrier, Progressive Coating’s V-1124, and an anti-abrasive coating, Progressive Coating’s V-1150. The advantage here is we can print these functional coatings on any of our stock weights or types without the need to stock specific roll grades or widths of pre-coated liners.
  • Experience – ColorCorr® is a proven product. We have been printing with this system for over 8 years.

Printing modes

ColorCorr® products are created via “flexo-printing in the round.” This process allows for two printing modes to achieve desired results. The first is called “Cut to mark” where we can print the equivalent of a half roll at a time, minimizing cost by not requiring several rolls of very expensive preprinted paper be available in our facility. The second mode, called “continual print,” leverages solid rubber rollers or laser-engraved rubber rollers to apply ink.

In continual print mode, the solid rollers are used when a uniform flood coat is required to create full-width color sheets. To create a repeating pattern, we utilize laser engraved rollers. This process also allows for a two-color design on the paper. By printing the doubleface liner prior to being bonded to the singleface web, the uniform color does not become affected by corrugation as often occurs post-print.

Many of our customers have found that the reduced caliper loss with ColorCorr® can allow them to run a lighter grade paper and in some cases eliminate one or more machine passes.